Best Cimarron Uruguayo In Europe

We evaluate the show results of Cimarron Uruguayo dogs in Europe each year.

How can you compete

If you would like to compete in “Best Cimarron Uruguayo In Europe” competition, feel free to send your show results via email or via message to our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/CimarronUruguayoEurope1/
The following information is required:

  • Full name of the dog (+ names of the parents);
  • Full name of the owner;
  • Full name of the breeder;
  • Town and country of the show;
  • Name of the judge;
  • Class in which the dog was entered;
  • All received titles (for example: Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, JUNIOR BOB, BOB);
  • Link to results of each show or cards from the shows.

Best Cimarron Uruguayo In Europe categories:

The following categories will be available:

  • Best Adult In Europe (only points when dog competed for BOB counted)
  • Best Female In Europe (according to adult list)
  • Best Male In Europe (according to adult list)
  • Best Junior In Europe (only points when dog competed in junior class counted)
  • Best Minor Puppy In Europe (only points when dog competed in minor puppy class counted)
  • Best Puppy In Europe (only points when dog competed in puppy class counted)
  • Best Veteran In Europe (only points when dog competed in veteran class counted)
  • Best Honor In Europe (only points when dog competed in honor class counted)
  • Best Kennel In Europe (total points of all dogs of the kennel are calculated)
  • Best Progeny In Europe (all points of all dogs after parents used by European breeders counted)

We hope that we will reach higher number of competing Cimarrons in 2023 so we can think about more categories, for example males and females in each age category or even evaluating single classes at adults (intermediate, open, champion).

Best Cimarron Uruguayo In Europe BIS categories

People with more dogs and breeders can compete. Other owners with single dog are not influenced by this – as these points will not be added to any dog which is competing. This is calculated separately!

  • BIS Best Brace In Europe (pair of dogs in the ownership of the same person competing in BIS within Best Brace, BIS points calculated only)
  • BIS Best Breeder´s Group In Europe (dogs from the same kennel competing in BIS within Breeder´s Group, BIS points calculated only)

Results can be sent in by message to our Facebook page
(https://www.facebook.com/CimarronUruguayoEurope1/) or by email till 5th January 2024. Complete results will be published as soon as possible.

Pointing system used since 2019

In order to get relevant data, which can be compared in different years, we use the same pointing system since 2019. This pointing system was prepared in order to be usable across the whole Europe. The types of shows and show titles given in single countries vary, so we had to prepare such a pointing system, which would take into account all these differences and would be fair for everybody.

If you do not wish to put your dog/kennel into the list – feel free to send us a message or email concerning this request till 5th January 2024. Breeders are allowed to send in data of all dogs from their kennel.