Working abilities of the Uruguayan Cimarron

Working abilities of the Uruguayan Cimarron


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The Uruguayan Cimarron is a very intelligent dog. Thanks to their past, they have versatile working abilities. They are excellent guardian, hunting and family dogs and the most faithful companions. They feel best with his master, for whom they will do literally anything. As a puppy, they strive to understand everything their masters say. It is a dog of one master, with whom he forms a very strong bond. The dog perceives his master’s mood, feelings and literally reads his thoughts.

Current use

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You can use the Uruguayan Cimarron for guarding, protection, hunting (wild boar), work with cattle. In the case of search and rescue, they are used to search for people under the ruins of collapsed buildings, tracking or tracing of injured or lost people. When used for hunting purposes, they can track and capture big game. In his country of origin, they work as a service dogs in the army and the police. Thanks to the extensive work abilities of the breed you can used them in various types of dog sports. Someone is doing obedience with his Cimarron. Another prefers agility, bikejöring, caniscross, hard dog racing or other types of dog sports.

Dogs enjoying work

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Enthusiasm for mutual activities and complete devotion to the owner make a fantastic working dog from Cimarrons. Their high level of motivation stems from their will to constantly learn new things and do anything for his master. Cimarron, which has excellent working abilities, usually does not take his eyes off his owner. He’s waiting for his master to want something from him. He loves everything he can do with us. He instantly transmits his good mood from the work to the handler.

If a person works with a Cimarron with love and patience, the dog will reward it many times in the form of a happy, joyful and eternally smiling dog rushing with positivism, which will very quickly spread to his surroundings.” [1]

Descendants of working Cimarrons

As with other breeds, the offspring of working Cimarrons have better working potential and learn much faster than offspring of non-working parents. This is one of the reasons why Cerberus Illusion kennel works with every dog – currently with the fourth generation. We train Cimarrons in various areas here, mainly based on the potential of a particular dog.

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The first two bitches were trained according to the IPO (tracking, obedience, protection). All dogs are trained according to the criteria set for service dogs in the armed forces. Dogs must be able to work in different environments, on different surfaces (slippery floors, underpasses, stairs, at heights, in traffic, etc.) and under different conditions there. The police dogs should evaluate well the given situation and consequently they should protect their handler, but if a small child runs to them and wants to cuddle the dog, he will stay calm. Cimarrons can intuitively evaluate the situation well and act adequately.

Trick Dog

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Cimarrons in Cerberus Illusion kennel currently successfully pass exams for the single levels of Trick Dog to show wide range of working abilities of these dogs. “Trick Dog” was recognized by the American AKC and the Canadian CKC. Within each grade, the dog must demonstrate skills from different areas. These include working abilities the following areas:

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  • coordination (movement through obstacles, balancing, etc.),
  • work with the mouth (including the utilization of prey drive, fetching, etc.),
  • manual commands,
  • paw work,
  • scent work (search, tracking),
  • nose work,
  • distance work,
  • command chain.
Anakin Duncan Cerberus Illusion obedience in pair1 working

Anakin Cerberus Illusion got the first three titles (NTD, ITD, ATD) as the first Cimarron in the world. Duncan Cerberus Illusion (son of Anakin) got the first title at the age of only three months, second at the age of 4 months and the title of Advance Trick Dog (ATD) as a five-month-old puppy! The daughter of Duncan – Fatima Cerberus Illusion got NTD at the age of 2 months and 5 other working titles (ITD, ATD, NTD-M, ITD-M, AtoZ) at the age of 3 months!

Beowulf, Beulah and Belona currently have NTD, ITD, ATD, AtoZ and more. All five dogs are still in training. At the same time, as the owner of the Cerberus Illusion kennel, I passed the American exams as a CTDI (Certified Trick Dog Instructor).

Cimarron Uruguayo Europe Gabriella Hurtos cerberus illusion working abilities

Exceptional working abilities

Our litters do various activities in their new homes, e.g. they compete in the Hard Dog Race or do agility. One dog passed tracking exam in Germany, and is training with the local firefighters to search for people under the ruins of buildings.

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Uruguayan Cimarron is a versatile dog and is a suitable choice for those who primarily want the most loyal companion with whom they intend to spend enough time (even if the dog will serve as a “lap dog” watching TV with his master). The Uruguayan Cimarrons are not a “fashion accessory” in the garden, where they will be alone all day and will only see the owner during the feeding. They are living beings with certain needs and demands, including emotional ones. The choice of the suitable puppy for each family should be the task of an experienced breeder. If the breeder can accurately reveal the real needs of future owners as well as the potential and character of each puppy, he/she can offer the BEST puppy for each future owner and find the BEST home for each puppy.

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