Influence of the past at the Uruguayan Cimarron

Influence of the past at the Uruguayan Cimarron


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The Uruguayan Cimarron was formed into today´s form by rugged nature. Only the most intelligent, strongest and most capable dogs survived. The influence of the history on the character and unique abilities of the Uruguayan Cimarron is observed in some individuals till today.

Instinct for survival

The influence of the past is related to the strongly developed instinct for survival at Cimarrons. It still preserves in some bloodlines or individuals. In the summer, they intuitively dig a hole in the ground in the shade to lie down and cool themselves. They try to hide their own smell in order predators could not find them by wallowing in the dead bodies of animals, beetles or even caterpillars. If they feel threatened, they can simulate death. If the owner witnesses it, it is a very emotional moment full of fear as the dog does not respond to anything at this time. The first thing that comes to your mind is that your dog has just got a heart attack and really died!

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DUNCAN Cerberus Illusion

Amazing hunter

The speed and the agility make amazing hunters from Cimarrons. They can also catch young birds during flight or a doe. Thanks to the great smell, they can find the shelter of smaller animals, even deep below the ground. Then they dig until they find their prey. They are tireless and very persistent hunters. With a Cimarron, who has strong hunting instincts, the owner is never bored. He should have an understanding, and most importantly, a sense of humor for his dog.

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When we work with some tools outside, it happens that our Cimarrons approache unnoticed and steal our gloves or garden pliers. Then they watch from a distance when we start to miss the object. Then they grab their stolen prey and proudly, with great joy, show it to us. At such a moment, the given item is the most valuable “treasure” for them. They won’t fetch it by any chance! We cannot associate this moment with training or work.

Cimarrons play like this with their owner” – “come and chase me” or “we can trade”. In this game, they usually pay barter – i.e. we can offer them something better for which they will be willing to exchange the stolen item. We can try to deceive the dog, but it will not work many times. It is possible to deceive the intelligent Cimarrons only once by one lie. Next time it won’t work because Cimarrons has excellent memory.

Cimarrons get food and find water

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The influence of the past is related to the Cimarrons’ ability to get food and find water. We can assume that dogs that previously had to survive in the wild had to have these skills. We can understand when their offspring take fruit from a tree, pluck corn and eat only edible product, or eat the leaves of medicinal plants. They are even able to dig out “weed” roots from the ground.

If they run out of water, even small puppies know that they have to start digging. It doesn’t matter if there was water in a bowl – they will dig there because the water is underground (if the water was in the bowl – logically it must be deeper). It happens that when water drips from a garden hose in the summer and a pool appears in that place, Cimarrons will then dig over there. Interestingly, most Cimarrons have no problem submerging their entire head under water and picking up an object from the bottom. However, there are also some “non-swimmers” who prefer to avoid the water.

The influence of the past and strangers

The Cimarron’s distrust of strangers also stems from the history of the breed. However, we can already completely eliminate this through targeted breeding. However, in the ancient past, there could survive only individuals that were able to notice man from a great distance, correctly reveal his intention, respectively recognize a person with the gun in his hand. Dogs with this ability are the best guardians. They warn their master of an approaching person long time before the owner notices him.

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BEULAH Cerberus Illusion

Cimarrons don’t bark unnecessarily. If the owner is close, they will only warn him with a gentle growl or body language. They are able to signalize the movement of strangers approx. one kilometer, while a face-to-face meeting appears in about 5-10 minutes. Due to the fact that these dogs had to estimate people and their intentions well in the past, today these dogs are able to warn their masters if a man with bad intentions appears near them.

Usually a stranger does not notice anything. The dogs warn their owners silently. As long as they stays calm, they do not take their eyes off the person so that the Cimarrons can intervene whenever necessary. Cimarrons are naturally vigilant if a stranger holds a weapon-like object in his hand. They are not aggressive dogs, they never attack without reason. However, they protect their family and territory uncompromisingly and do not need any command to do so! They do what one naturally expects from a dog.

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